Amid the frenzy of everyday life, pause. Stop and think about who and what are truly important in your life . . . The people closest to you, Husband, Wife, Partner. A first baby, A second, a third… Children, Parents, Grandparents, Family. Friends, Archie . . . (your Highland Terrier).

Think about the special bonds that you have with them. Remind yourself that these are the people and the relationships that shape the story of your life. Kids, for instance, only grow up once.

Yours is a story that deserves to be told, not in words. . . . But in images

At Nicol’s we strive to provide a different kind of portrait photography . . . Photography that tells these stories the way they should be told.

For you to take away and hang in your home, a permanent reminder of who and what is most important in life.

Maybe your portrait shares a moment with a loved one captured for all time… We photograph those too. Dark and moody, bright and crisp, soft and romantic with the sun streaming through your hair. Well, it’s all part of what we shoot on a daily basis. There are many reasons to have your Portraits taken with Nicol’s Photography